The work during the Improv’ workshop is very enriching on both a personal and a professional level. Sylvie is guiding us through exercises that allow people to open themselves up to other people, in imaginary or realistic situations. The workshops are framed within the rules of respect and listening one another. It helps overcoming the fear of being judged and allows a feeling of over accomplishment. It is a real pleasure for people like me who fear to be judged by others.
There is a condition to attend those workshops: the will to attend and participate!
The results I have observed for me are that I have learnt to free myself for other people’s gaze and to be empowered with who I am and my ideas. It was difficult for me at first but the group energy pushed me further.
The effect of the workshop is always positive.
The pleasure is so real that time flies by and no one wants to leave at the end.

Nathalie, Ingénieur E&D informatique / Computer E&D Engineer

I have taken part in the workshops with Sylvie with a lot of pleasure. The program is nicely levelled and always new. She knows how to communicate energy and create a group dynamic that prevents us from being stuck with our own inhibitions. It was both a time to learn theatre skills such as improvise, express emotions, manage time and space on stage. But also a time to learn how to speak in public, place your voice and relax. That is always helpful! She knows how to adapt to each and every one, how to support and to comment in a constructive way so to help us improve and be more confident. I always felt reenergized at the end of the workshop. It is definitely a workshop I recommend to all!

Clara, Analyste de risques de crédit / Credit Risk Analyst

I had started working with Sylvie in 2011. I was in a difficult situation at the time in my life. I had just left a husband who had a strong influence on me, after 10 years of living together. I was under the weather and I felt lost to be on my own. I was tired of going to psychologists and I really wanted to be self confident again and to move on. Sylvie started talking to me about her coaching sessions. At first, I did not pay attention as I knew Sylvie as a friend and was concerned it would only be a friendly conversation, with pieces of advice. Then I decided to give it a try. Speaking could not make things worse so, why not? We met at a convenient location and started talking. First about what I was expecting from her and ideas that could help me move on.
I usually hardly speak my mind and I don’t like talking about me. Sylvie managed to put me at ease so I would start talking little by little. I no longer saw my friend facing me but a real professional coach that I could trust. After the first coaching session, I really wanted to go back to the next one!
It was unsettling at first because I was expecting her to say whether my answers were correct or not when she was asking me questions. She never judged anything I said. The various answers to my questions always came from me, fed with the questions Sylvie would ask to keep me going. It was always my responsibility to find the answers that fitted me.
She made me draw to express my feelings. She challenged me and even when I did not succeed at those challenges, it did not feel like a failure. Through her work, I’ve started knowing myself, my flaws, my strength, my qualities, my weaknesses. And above all I’ve realized I was capable of accomplishing things. All this transformation happened softly, step by step.
The result of this coaching is a victory for me. I’ve managed to be more assertive, to be more self confident. Little after the coaching was complete, I went on a week end with both of my children, on my own. I had never done it in 4 years. All of a sudden I knew I could do it, I could be trusted and I could trust myself. This was a proof of my success.
When I feel under the weather now, I think of the exercises I’ve made with Sylvie and I’m back on tracks!

Claire, Professeur des écoles / Junior high school teacher

At first, I doubted what coaching could bring to me because the expertise of coaching seemed vague to me. Even so, I called Sylvie during a complex period where I could no longer find a solution. Methodically and very professionally, Sylvie helped her coachee to step back so to be able to think through again and achieve goals that were defined over the first coaching session. She also used her strong empathic skills to help the coachee to understand themselves and understand unexpressed needs. Still today, I practice regularly some of the exercises that Sylvie taught me. This way, I move on on a personal and professional level. The results are very positive. I recommend her.

Bastien, Responsable de rayon bio / Bio Section Manager