Kia Ora !

In New Zealand, people great you with this expression they have borrowed from the Maoris. It means both “Hello” and “get well”.

For this first post, I mean to speak a bit about me and explain the name of my company and how Kiaora Experience has and will come to life. I promise - this is a one time only!

Kiaora Experience started with the will and even the need to do what I love doing – I mean a job which makes me happy when I wake up on. It wasn’t always a smooth road.

In highschool and at the university, I had no idea what I wanted to do. My path and my abilities led me to literature and foreign languages and especially to English.

English led me to the United States where I was a French teacher in a New York State university during two years.

I have to admit that I’ve always spoken of living in a foreign country and more specifically in the US since I was 8. It could sound as a dream come true. However it was no dream to me, it was an obvious fact, and something meant to happen.

Back to France, my path and the people I’ve met along the way led me to Paris and to Human Resources work. HR job is a passion to me, from recruitment to talent management. And it was so for 10 years.

The year of my honey moon trip to New Zealand was also the year I’ve started studying coaching with the Centre International du Coach. It was a real discovery and a human epiphany.

So much for the professional side! Let’s move on to the personal one.

In highschool and even before, I’ve always wanted to act on stage. But my thick shell and shield and the usual “find a real job” advice have stopped me from living this dream.

Despite all these, I was lucky to experience many times the joys and pains of acting:
1 year back in highschool in a theatre company
A roleplaying game passion since I’m 16
A play I’ve organized at the US university and the discovery there that arts could bring real jobs or be real passions no matter what
1 year of improvisation in Paris area
Over 10 years of acting on stage with a theatrical fencing group
The meeting with Alessandro Aricci, Italian actor and director, in the Commedia dell’Arte background
The meeting with Vincent Clergironnet, a brilliant actor, through and through.

If you’ve already had a look at the services I offer, I think you’re seeing Kiaora Experience outlines.

Indeed, I wished to merge my experiences in one single road. And two features have emerged from this process:
Kiaora Leadership – for small businesses and companies, including HR offers with coaching, talent management, recruitment, succession plans themes & theatre offers with teambuilding or team management.

Kiaora Coaching – for individuals and associations, including individual coaching of course but also group work around speaking in public, stage management, group work, self confidence and many more.

I’m still looking for an opportunity to bring something to the education world but this is a work in progress.

All of this led to the near creation of my company, Kiaora Experience.

Today, I’m counting the days before the official start!