Kiaora Coaching

COACHING_col_logoKiaora Coaching is oriented towards individuals who wish to develop and reveal their potential, overcome an obstacle, fulfil a challenge. Whether it’s a group of friends or individuals, all can benefit from the Kiaora Coaching solutions. Many skills are improved such as self confidence, speaking in public, stage management, team work.


The Coach & U

If you choose this option, you will work one on one with the coach, for about 1 hour every 3-5 weeks.

The first “encounter” session lasts 30 to 45 minutes and allows you and your coach to meet each other. It is a free session during which the coach can evaluate the number of sessions to reach your objectives or to suggest another way to fulfil your goals if needed.


The Improv’ Workshops

The workshops use the tools of improvisation to allow a group of 5 to 20 people to reach a set goal. It’s a 1 day or 2 day event.
You enjoy the time together while overachieving yourself!
The coach offers a welcoming and dynamic context. She guides you through exercises that will allow you to go to the next level.
The themes of the workshops are indicated before hand. The most common ones are:
• speaking in public
• self confidence / self awareness
• work as a team
• confidence on stage

If you would like a workshop with a specific theme, please have a look at the tab “The Perfect Fit Workshop”.


The Perfect Fit Workshops

You are a group of friends and you would like to challenge yourself so to act in a short play or a scene for an event or for fun?

You belong to a professional network and you would like to work a specific theme with colleagues, such as “how to manage difficult cases in the medical office?”.

You teach an art or lead a group or association bound to be on stage and would like to work on the cohesion or the successful performance as a group?

Whatever the situation, you may contact us and check how to organize a workshop with us!